Arial Black Font

Arial Black font is a sans serif typeface. Its Author names are Robin Nicholas and Patricia saunders. It is a computer font. This font was designed and published for the first time through the monotype foundry. It’s the most popular font that can be used in different designs. This font has a modern-day layout. It is more humanistic. This font was made simply to give a more black look to your design. Another version of this is Arial rounded that also many designers like for their work. This font is of a typical style.

This font was designed as a clone of Helvetica. It is a bold font. As it is used in computers, in our mobiles and other devices, so it’s a simple but more reliable font. Its symbols are jotted down upright. It looks very simple.  

The font character map has 2254 ascenders and 634 descenders. It consists of underline thickness. Also, it doesn’t consist of fixed width. 

Benefits of Arial Black font : 

  • It’s a simple but more useable font.
  • Readers mostly prefer the black font in their newspapers or other advertisements.
  • It is safe to use for any industry.
  • It is designed from Helvetica, so it is the most popular font.
  • You can use it as a default font for most of the browsers and websites.
  • It is a cheap font.
  • It is most suitable for body text and to form a cohesive font family. 
  • The main reason for the use of this font is that it is easy to read.
  • It is an extremely versatile family of typefaces that can be used in equal success for text setting in reports, presentations, and magazines.

How to Download Arial Black font?

You can download the Arial Black font from the following links.


Is it free to download?

Yes, it free to download for personal use only, and it needs a license for commercial use.

Is it a good font?

Yes, it’s a safe choice because of its heritage and popularity.

How many glyphs are there in Arial Black font?

There are 669 glyphs in the Arial Black font.

What are the similar fonts to Arial font?

The fonts which are similar to Arial font are Adagio sans, Calibre, Cartogothic, Deja Vu, Humanist, Myriad pro and Gandhi, etc. 

Hopefully, a little content on this great and widely used font impressed you and urged you to download this for your personal use as well as for commercial use. We believe you will like it and must give your feedback. Just download it and enjoy it. It is easy and simple to use.

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