Arial Black Font

The Arial black font is a sans serif typeface of the font. The Arial black font is part of the extremely versatile Arial typeface family. Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders designed it. The Arial black font was created and published for the first time via Monotype font foundry.

The weight of the Arial black is particularly heavy. The reason is that the face was initially drawn as a bitmap. To increase the weight, the stroke width for bold went from a single-pixel width to two pixels width. But it only supports Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic.

Benefits of Arial Black font

  1. The Aria black font being the member of versatile Arial typeface family, can be used with equal success for text settings in reports, presentations, magazines, etc.
  2. You can use the Arial Black font for display purposes in the newspaper.
  3. It has shown a successful use in advertising and promotions of the brands as well.
  4. The licensing terms of the Arial black font prohibit its copying and free distribution.
  5. It is one of the most popular fonts on the web.
  6. You can use the Arial black font in different designs.
  7. The Arial black font has a modern-day layout.

How to Download Arial Black font

You can download the Arial black font form the links given below.



What type of font is Arial Black?

The Arial black font is a sans serif typeface of the font. It is one of the most popular members of the Arial family.

Is Arial Black font free for commercial use?

The Arial Black font is not free for commercial use. There are many more weights and versions of it than you get with Microsoft windows.

The Arial black font consists of a more humanist design. The concept of the designers related to this font was pretty clear. They wanted to give a more black look to your design.  

If you see from the reader’s point of view, you will figure out that the readers mostly like to read the black fonts in the newspaper or any magazines. So, this has been the main idea behind using this font in advertising banners.

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