Arial Rounded MT Bold Font

Arial rounded mt bold is a sans-serif typeface. It is a set of computer fonts in the neo-grotesque style. This font is considered as the progress of widely used Arial typeface. Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders created it in the year 1982.

 The Arial Rounded MT Bold has rounding ends of the strokes. It gives a very different feel to the typeface. You will find Arial MT Rounded Bold more intimate than its Arial counterpart.

Benefits of Arial Rounded MT Bold font

  1. The Arial Rounded MT Bold has a very simple design.
  2. The letters of the Arial Rounded MT Bold are thick.
  3. It is a commercial type of font.
  4. The Arial rounded mt bold font has copyright protection too. 
  5. The trading of Arial Rounded MT bold without a license is illegal. 
  6. You can also use the Arial Rounded MT Bold font as a default font on your website.
  7. The Arial Rounded MT Bold is so unique and simple at the same time that it gives your designs a more attractive look.
  8. You can also use Arial Rounded MT Bold for printing purposes.
  9. It is a member of the Arial family, which was designed as a cheaper substitute for Helvetica font.

How to Download Arial Rounded MT Bold font

You can download this font here, or find it here too.


What is the meaning of Arial?

It is a sans serif typeface. It was designed by Monotype as a cheaper substitute for Helvetica.

Why are Arial fonts so popular?

Arial font is among us from years. It is also a very simple yet elegant type of font. Furthermore, it is also very cheap, therefore used widely.

Is the Helvetica font the same as Arial?

No, it is not. The Arial font is designed to have a more rounded design than Helvetica. You will find Arial font softer, with fuller curves and more open counters.

The Arial Rounded MT Bold is considered one of the best fonts of the Arial family. It is from the extended Arial type family. It has a simple yet attractive design. Most of the web designers prefer using this font for their web designs.

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