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If you are a designer or a writer, you must know about the very stylish and attractive font, Avenir font. It is because when it comes to writing, then you need some suitable font to represent your inspired words to the world. Avenir font is a sans serif typeface. It is designed and created by a professional designer, Adrian Frutiger, in 1988, after years of hard work. This font got immediate success after release. And presently, this font is commonly used by everyone. 

If we talk about its design and style, then this font is totally unique and different. The font contains all upper and lower case alphabets and numerals along with special characters. Avenir font owes some of its interpretation with Futura font. Additionally, this font is not purely geometric. It has both vertical and horizontal strokes. But the vertical stroke is thicker than the horizontal strokes. Moreover, the “O” is not a perfect circle in this font. However, every character is shortened ascenders.

We all know how much Avenir font is famous throughout the world. However, many designers and writers look for Avenir fonts for their projects. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. This article will let you know about the Avenir font, along with all of the benefits. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Avenir font free:

There are many benefits of Avenir font. After getting through these benefits, you would like to try this font on a daily bases. 

  • Avenir font is specially used for designing. It not only helps you to make designs, but you can enhance your already made designs. It is because this font comes up with countless unique designs that can make your design beautiful and attractive.
  • Avenir font possesses regular, bold, italic, medium, black, and other features. These linear features and designs aid in the neatness of the font. However, it also gives Avenir font a sensible and melodious look.
  • Avenir font comes in many formats. You can use any of them. Different formats can be used for different projects. These formats include TTF, OTF, and zip formats.
  • There is another special feature in this font which gives your document, either text or designs, a professional look. The font is designed in a slightly bolder design for white-on-black text. With this, the document looks precisely as black-on-white to the viewer. It attracts the viewer’s eye and acts as an eye-catcher. You should also try it.
  • Many people look for a suitable font for text-based images. You can use Avenir font for this purpose. However, many people are doing so. This font looks stylish and attractive, so you can use it for this purpose. Its special characters and effects will surely beautify these types of documents.
  • You can use Avenir font in logo-making. Using it for log0-designing is not a bad idea. You should also try it.

How to Download Avenir font free?

You can get Avenir font for free from the following download links.


Due to its popularity, countless questions come in the mind of every Avenir font user. Some of the frequently asked questions are as follows.

Is Avenir a safe web font?

Yes, Avenir is a totally safe web font. It is one of the popular safe fonts on the web. Millions of Avenir font users are using it without any security problems.

Which is the closest font to Avenir?

Many fonts look similar to Avenir. But the closest font is the Montserrat font. However, it also has some similarities with the Futura font because Avenir font took an inspiration form the geometric style of Futura font.

Is Avenir a system font?

Yes, Avenir font is also used as a system font.

Can we use it for commercial purposes?

Yes, Avenir is also used for commercial purposes. For this, you need to buy a license to use it legally. Otherwise, using it without a license can be illegal and can cause several problems for you.

Can it be used for the website?

Yes, it is suitable for use on the website. But you have to buy a license before using it on the website.

Avenir font is a very famous multi-purpose font. It is a commonly used font, especially for designing. Every professional, as well as other designers, prefer this font. It has many special effects as well as formats that can be used in different places. If you are new in designing and looking for a suitable font, we highly recommend Avenir font. Check it out and let us know about your feedback.

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