Avenir Next Condensed Font

Introducing an amazingly amazing font, i.e., The Avenir Next Condensed Font. Avenir font is an excellent choice for graphics designing work. Adrian Frutiger and Akira Kobayashi designed this fantastic font. The initial release of the typeface was in 1988. This font got popularity in its early days as it was one of the best sans-serif fonts out there. Avenir is a geometric sans-serif typeface published by Linotype. It has four typeface units, including regular, italic, condensed, and condensed italic. All the weights are equipped with 6 stem weights, so there are a total of 24 weights. 

Benefits of Avenir Next Condensed font

To be very honest, this font is beneficial in many ways; we can use this font variably. Read some of the benefits, or we can say uses below:

  • People mostly use it in web designing and graphics projects.
  • This fantastic font can easily give a new shape to your web design projects.
  • We can use this font in different business projects.
  • This font comes with attractive designs, so it will help you to create a perfect graphic design.

There are many sans-serif fonts, but no font can beat the professional look that this font gives to your design. 

How to Download Avenir Next Condensed font

Click on the links below and start designing using this gorgeous font:

This unique font is popular; you can download it, and avail all of its benefits.


Initially, in how many weights was this font released?

Avenir was initially released with 6 weights.

Briefly describe this font.

It is an OpenType font that includes both lining and out style figures.

Can we use this font only for commercial use?

We can use this font for commercial as well as personal use.

Name the font similar to Avenir font.

The Nunito is an excellent alternative to Avenir, with similar letters, form shapes, and geometric qualities.

We highly recommend this amazing Avenir font to use in different projects as it makes your design more professional. Try it and get amazing results.

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