Avenir Next Font Free

Avenir Next Font is a geometric San-Serif typeface with a human touch. Andrian Frutiger initially developed it with the assistant of Linotype director Akira Kobayashi. It gives a more natural and organic appearance in the geometric design. Avenir is a French word meaning “Future”. It gained popularity among graphic designers since it came into existence. 

Avenir’s next font offers standard styles, from ultra-light to heavyweight. It also offers condensed presentations. This font possesses the quality of best screen readability even with heavyweight style. At the same time, it has the ability to match up with other san’s family font.

Avenir Next font comes in the regular font, but they offer three more typeface units like italic, condensed and condensed italic. Every typeface unit is equipped with 6 weights. And all 24 fonts have small caps and antique style figures. One can easily download Avenir next font free in 4 different formats like OTF, TTF, WOFF, and zip formats. These qualities make Avenir Next font not just a modern font, but one ahead of its time.

Benefits of Avenir Next font free:

  • People have many reasons to use this font in graphic and web designing because of its versatility, uniqueness, elegance, and readability.
  • One of the most significant benefits is that the Avenir next font makes your work more professional as compared to other sans-serif fonts.
  • This font is widely used in the header of a poster, body text on websites and magazines.

How to Download Avenir Next font free?

You can easily download the Avenir Next font for free from the following links.




Why is Avenir Next font a part of the San-Serif family?

First, you should know the difference between serif and sans-serif font. Serif font ends with a letter stem (letter feet), and the san-serif is a typeface that does not use small lines at the ends of characters. The same style is used in Avenir Next font, which means letter feet or serif are not used in this typeface. That makes Avenir Next font the most popular sans-serif font.

Are Avenir and Avenir Next the same fonts?

Avenir was developed in 1988. And Avenir Next is an updated typeface version of Avenir, which was initially updated in 2004. Both have minor differences in letter shapes. Avenir Next has features of the italic design and different language support. The main difference in Avenir Next has a condensed font that is not in the regular version of Avenir.

 How much is Avenir Next popular at the corporate level?

Avenir Next is the most popular font in the corporate level. You can find Avenir Next in Apple’s Maps and Siri screens in iOS 6. Linotype produces customized corporate typeface of Avenir Next for Bloomberg. Snapchat used Avenir Next in its main app since early 2016.  

When we use the Avenir Next font in short and long content, its style becomes so beautiful and charming. And it makes your work professional if we use it in different projects. You can also use it in catering, weddings, and cafe businesses.

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