Brandon Text Font

This font is a companion of Brandon Grotesque font. Hannes von Doehran designed it in 2012. It has a better x-peak than the Grotesque version of Brandon font. It is best for lengthy text, small size text, and monitors. This sans serif typeface has six weights plus matching italics. It was prompted through the geometric fashion sans serif faces that had been popular in the course of the 1920s and 30s. 

The Brandon text font is based on geometric paperwork that has been optically modified for better legibility. Brandon text font has a useful appearance with a warm touch, and it works flawlessly collectively with Brandon gruesome. The popular styles in Brandon text font are bold, italic, and thin. Brandon text font has professional typography with a distinctive unit of numbers and trade letters. Its characters are jotted down just upright. It’s a simple font with many benefits. Read them below.

Benefits of Brandon Text font:

  • It is optimized for screens so that it will be the best choice for websites, e-books, or apps.
  • You can also use it in mockups and brochures.
  • You may use it in many other different styles.
  • This font not only gives style to your design but also a new look and shape.
  • The whole Brandon series is equipped for complex writing.
  • It’s an ideal font for graphic design.

How to Download Brandon Text font?

You can download the Brandon Text font from the following links.


 Is it free to download or use?

Yes, it is free to download and use for personal projects, but you will require a license for commercial use.

How many styles are in the Brandon text font?

There are 12 styles of Brandon text font. 

How many glyphs are there in Brandon text font?

There are 508 glyphs in Brandon text font.

What is the main difference point between the Brandon Grotesque font and Brandon text font?

The main difference point in Brandon grotesque font and Brandon text font is of ‘g’, as the lowercase ‘g’ of Brandon grotesque font is a double-story ( with or without gap). In contrast, the lowercase ‘g’ of Brandon text font has a single story (with or without loop).

Hopefully, a little content on this font impressed you and urged you to use The Brandon Text font. While you do so, don’t forget to provide your feedback. It is a great font with many uses. And it is great for graphic designing projects, so you should use this in your ongoing and future projects.

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