Century Gothic Font Free

In the geometric style, Century Gothic font is a sans-serif typeface that was released by Monotype Imaging in 1991. The design of this font became very notable, and everybody would really like to use it for their designs. It has a satisfactory output from modern digital systems. It was famous at the start of the 20th century.

Century Gothic has a high x-height design that is influenced by the font Futura. Its design was derived from two other typefaces, which competes with Futura. Sometime Century Gothic font is used as a substitute for a similar Futura typeface.

Century Gothic’s design has a single-story that makes it recognizable. Some of the letters are the same as the children first learn to write in schools. Small letters or lowercase letters a and g are both single-story in this font. Century Gothic is easy to understand and a well-known font.

Benefit of Century Gothic font free:

  • The Century Gothic font free has a clear and clean design.
  • It can be used in schools and teaching languages.
  • This font can be used in different Microsoft font packages.
  • Century Gothic Font is mostly used for advertisements.
  • The Century Gothic font is also used in online applications and different websites.
  • Century Gothic font is also used in posters, different websites, and blogs.
  • It is also used in flyers, headlines, and advertising.
  • It is also used in general display work and for small quantities of text but not as well in large blocks of text.
  • Because of its long fonts, you can easily read it on the screen.
  • This font has a mix of high x-height and a steady weight that gives first-class results for your new task.

How to Download Century Gothic font free?

You can download the Century Gothic font for free from the following links.




Is Century Gothic font a universal font?

Yes, it is used in websites and other universal applications.

Can you use the century gothic font in a larger display of text?

Yes, we can use this font larger display of text like content and blog posts if we balance the font size. It’s a broader font, so we can use it in the large text if the appearance of the page remains balanced.

Is Century Gothic font a good resume font?  

Yes, it will be reasonable for a resume if you consistently use one font only and consider your resume like a blog post. 

Century Gothic font is a warm and welcoming font. It is a happy and delightful font as compared to other fonts. Star Trek and  Glee(Enterprise) use this font to focus large and short words, particularly the short titles.

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