Cochin Font

Cochin font is a very old-style serif typeface. Georges Peignot designed it in 1912. However, Cochin font is now published by Linotype and Adobe. The font contains all upper and lower case letters with some special characters. This font is now very popular throughout the world and is used for multiple purposes. You can also use Cochin font for personal projects.

If we talk little about its history, then this font is named after a person Charles Nicolas Cochin, who was also a French engraver. But it sounds peculiar that this man had nothing to do with this font. Moreover, you will notice that this font is wide in appearance. It is because Cochin font was based upon copper engravings from about the 18th century. This feature makes the font special. You would also love to try this font after looking at its benefits below.

Benefits of Cochin font:

  • Having a delicate design, this font has been described as an example of stylish writing. However, this font is also well-known for graphic design in several countries.
  • Cochin font is still used in cards. Many cards like an invitation, greeting, and birthday cards are written in this old-style font.
  • Cochin font, due to its unique and old-style, can be used in making logos as well as posters. Additionally, the rock band “Keane” used this font in their first official logo. On the other hand, Harry Porter used this typeface for their covers.

How to Download Cochin font?

You can download Cochin font by clicking one of the following links.


Which font is best for titles and headings?

There are many fonts that can be used for titles and headings. We recommend Cochin font for this purpose. Because this font has an old-style that can increase the elegance of a document. However, Cochin font is used in many book covers.

Is this font used in Apple iPads?

This font was once used in Apple iPads as well as in iBooks. But currently, it has been replaced by the addition of many other fonts.

Can this font be used in films?

Yes, Cochin font is perfectly suitable to be used in films. Like recently, this font has been used in the film “Angels and Demons” in its title and posters.

Cochin font is a typeface with a historic look. If you are looking for an old-style font for your work, we suggest Cochin font. You should try this fantastic font and share your experience with us.

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