Curlz Font

Curlz is a whimsical OTF display typeface. Carl Crossgrove and Steve Matteson design it. It was released in 1995 for the Agfa Monotype. Curlz font is relatively decorative. It has no historical model. Its typeface bears comparison with the Emigre foundry’s 1991 typeface Remedy that was designed by Frank Heine.

Its family identification is regular. Curlz is a trademark of monotype corporation. It contains two styles. It has uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and many other symbols or characters. The letters of this font are written in an irregular manner. It’s a stylish font that has a significant number of characters. 

Benefits of Curlz font:

  • It gives a unique and festive touch.
  • The addition of the Curlz font to posters and flyers give them pretty looks. 
  • You can use it in cute drawings and painted signs.
  • You can use it in the advertising materials and also you can use it in typography.
  • It is appropriate for invitations, menus, and tee shirts.
  • You can use it in bold and carefree titles.
  • You can also use it for different lettering styles

How to Download Curlz font?

You can easily download the Curlz font from the following links.


Is the Curlz font free to use?

Yes, it is free for personal use but requires a license for commercial use.

What are the similar fonts of the Curlz font?

The similar fonts of the Curlz font are Old comedy, JD Alessandra, OPTIDeligne Italic, Flut Saus, Linden Hill TT Italic, SF phosphorus Flouride, Halbstarke Pica, and SketchLogs, etc.

What are the two styles of the Curlz font?

The two styles of the Curlz font are Curlz Pro regular and Curlz std regular.

How many words are there in the Curlz font?

There are 239 words in the Curlz font.

How many glyphs are there in the Curlz font?

There are 246 glyphs in the Curlz font.

We hope this little content on the most beautiful font named the Curlz font tickled you and urged you to use this font. It is a very outstanding font. It has a large number of characters. You can use this font in many aspects. It’s a great font so you should must try it.

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