Curlz MT Font

We all know the meaning of curls. It means something “wavy”. So, Curlz MT Font writes a letter in curls. Basically, Curlz MT font is a monotype typographic font. This font writes a letter in curls and makes them different from all. This font has more than 200 glyphs in number. Carl Crossgrove and Steve Matteson designed it in 1995 for Agfa Monotype. But now it is being used by everyone for many purposes, including personal.

Basically, Curlz MT Font is whimsical OTF display typeface. Additionally, this font has some resemblance to the Emigre foundry’s typeface Remedy that was designed by Frank Heine. Besides its beauty, it also has some benefits. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Curlz MT font

  • Its beautiful and curly letters make the document look better and attractive. It seems to entertain the viewer’s eye while reading.
  • We know that most kids like this type of font in a text. So, kids may take an interest in the document having Curlz MT font. The kids also get entertained by this amazing font.
  • This font is easier to understand. Despite having various special characters, this font is lighter on the page.

How to Download Curlz MT font

You can download the Curlz Mt Font from the links given below.


Which font is similar to Curlz MT font?

The font that is similar to Curlz MT font is FF Fontesque. But Curlz MT font is much better than others due to the presence of some special characters and effects.

Can we download it for free?

Yes, you can download this amazing font for free from the provided links. Additionally, similar fonts like Curlz MT Font are not free, but this font is free to download. 

Which font is more suitable for kids?

Curlz MT Font is the most suitable font for kids. Its curly design and beautiful looks certainly attract children towards the text. Besides, the interest of kids increases after looking at these types of fonts.

You can also entertain yourself during writing with this font by downloading it from the above links. And don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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