Didot Font

Didot font belongs to a neoclassical serif typeface. It was designed by Firmin Didot and released in 1799 in Paris. It can be classified as Modern, Neoclassical, or Didone typeface font. Firmin Didot is a french type cutter who also designed a new Greek typeface. He cuts the letters and casts them as a typeface. It gained popularity, right after its release, in every kind of publishing until the 20th century.

Didot font became the base for the new font GFS Didot which was released in 1994 by Takis Katsoulidi. Didot font has the similarity of Bodoni and Ambroise fonts. It has 40 fonts on Adobe fonts, and the pair of Didot and Futura is awesome. It has thin and varying strokes, so sometimes it’s not easily readable on the web.

When used for body copy, it can be invisible to the naked eye. Didot font is beautiful in larger as well as in small sizes. Didot typeface is famous due to its hairline stroke, vertical stress, unbracketed Serif, and condensed armature. Didot typeface font is compatible with Mac and Windows. Apple computer Inc. used Frutiger’s version of Didot. One can easily download Didot font in 2 different formats like OTF and TTF and can experience this most unique and elegant font.

Benefits of Didot font:

  • Didot font is beneficial for e-reader because of thick strokes.
  • This font is popular in designers, lifestylist, and fashion industries.
  • It gained popularity in photography too.
  • It is also used in television shows’ cover and posters.
  • Didot font, as a typeface, is used in logo designing.
  • Style network and CBS corporation used its typefaces in the logotype.
  • Since 1955, Vogue used Didot typeface in its cover title.

How to Download Didot font?

You can download the Didot font from the following links.




Can we use Didot font free?

Yes, you can use this font free for personal as well as commercial use, but you cannot sell it out.

Can Didot be suitable for body copy? 

No, it may not be suitable because one cannot read it at its high contrast level. We can use it for display and semi display purposes.

Can we use the Didot font in our resume?

Yes, It’s a unique and stylish typeface that gives an elegant look and class to your resume. It’s more visible in a larger size so that one can use it in headings, not in body copy.

Didot typeface font is most prevalent in headings and for display. When used for body copy or smaller size text, they usually give dazzling effects. Try it out on different projects and share your experience with us.

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