Herculanum Font

Herculanum font was designed by the hard work of the famous author Adrian Frutiger. Herculanum font contains six styles. It was selected by kind directors membership to acquire the “certificate of excellence in king layout” in 1998. These original characters, sometimes narrow and sometimes expand creating a complete expressive line float.

Herculanum font is free for personal use. We recommend this free font for short replica textual content. This font is also exciting as a headline font. Herculanum font was changed into Pompeii’s twin city. It is based on Roman handwritings of the first century A.D. As opposed to the stark form of chiseled or drawn capitals, the swift, handheld stylus gave this italic face a lithe profile. The individual characters, however, still remain clearly separated from each other, and the basic shape of the letters is still discernible. It makes the script easy to adapt to today’s typography. Anyone can easily distinguish Herculanum font by its broad characters with narrow strokes. 

Benefits of Herculanum font:

  • Herculanum font is used for the creation of print documents, static images, and logos. 
  • It is an ideal typeface font for everyone.
  • You can also use it as a headline font. 
  • You can use this font within desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, and Adobe Photoshop, etc. 
  • This font is free for personal usage.
  • Herculanum font has different font styles. This font is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

How to Download Herculanum font?

You can download herculanum font from the links given below:

  1. https://www.onlinewebfonts.com/download/d5e638ad62a611f703a8e0e951853da0
  2. http://legionfonts.com/fonts/herculanum#information
  3. https://en.maisfontes.com/?fnome=herculanum+font


Is this font free to download?

Yes, this font is free for download. 

Can we use this font on PC and Mac?

Yes, we can use this font both on PC and Mac. 

Can I use this font for my logo?

Yes, you can use this font for your logo.

Is this font safe to use? 

Yes, this font is safe for usage. 

Herculanum fonts provide you with different font styles. It helps you to make your work more beautiful and enjoyable. Use this font on our recommendation and share your valuable review with us. 

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