Impact‌ ‌font‌ ‌

Geoffrey Lee designed impact font in 1965. It is an awesome font with an industrial style and a good look. It is among the fonts that are great for the web and is widely used as a web font. Impact font is also a part of Microsoft Windows. Its style defines its name “Impact”, as it contains compressed letterspacing and great and thick strokes.

Impact font has many great uses. It gives a unique design to your text and shows a pleasing effect. It has many benefits that are given in the section below.

Benefits of Impact‌ ‌font‌:

Here are some benefits of the Impact font.

  • It is used in internet memes nowadays.
  • It is used in image macros (an image with some text, usually at the top or bottom of the image).
  • This font is used for designing text and other business projects.
  • Impact font supports multiple languages. 
  • It is a default font used for many purposes.
  • Its thick letters always stand out and give a beautiful look to the text. 
  • You can use it for headings.
  • It has impressive use in presentations and slides.
  • It is easy to read. 
  • Its striking design and letters make it attention catching. 
  • It’s fun to use this font as it is a popular font for designing. 
  • It is used in posters. 
  • You can also use it for advertisement purposes. 

How to Download Impact‌ ‌font?‌ ‌

Download the Impact font for free from the links given below.


Which font is comparable to impact font?

NFL DOLPHINS is a font similar to impact font. 

Is impact font a nice font?

Yes, it is a great font. It is a popular font with multiple uses. Impact font has easy to read characters that makes it more adoring. It is mostly used as a web font.

Although there are many fonts in use, but, impact font has its qualities and uses that make it more popular. Its style and easy to read characters have a significant impact on the users, and they love to use this font. So, download this font and have a great experience.

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