Moana Font

It is one of the famous font adopted from the American movie “Moana” released in 2016. It was a 3D animated adventure movie. The Movie describes the story of a Cheif’s daughter from a Polynesian community that was released globally and in the United States of America on 23rd November 2016. The movie’s title uses the Moana Font.

Moana font is a new and unique font format,  designed by Nate Piekos from Blambot company. This font contains both uppercase and lowercase letters and punctuation symbols also. 

Benefits of Moana font:

  • We can use it for designing logos, banners, and book covers.                
  • We can use this font to write many languages.
  •  This font is available for commercial and personal use.
  •  Moana font contains uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols too. They are useful in the advertisement.
  •  It has an attractive style which grabs the attention of the public. 
  •  Disney world uses Moana Font in the movies.

How to Download Moana font?

We can use the following links to download the Moana Font:


Is Moana font free to download? 

Yes, Moana font is free to download.

Can Moana font be used in animated movies?

Animated movies mostly use Moana Font. Moana font was introduced the first time in the American Movie ‘Moana’.

What’s the second name of Moana Font?

Moana Font is also called “Flat Earth Scribe”.

How do Moana’s Font alphabets look like?

Alphabets of Moana Font look stylish.

What is Disney Font?

Disney world uses Moana Font, so this font is known as Disney font.

Can we use Moana Font in Google docs?

No, Google docs do not allow custom font in their projects and products.

Does Circuit use Moana Font?

Yes, we can use Moana font in the circuit projects.

Does Photoshop use Moana Font?

Yes, Photoshop uses Moana Font in its products such as Adobe reader, Indesign, After effects, and Premiere Pro.

Moana Font is a versatile font. It is a perfect font style for the advertising industry. You can make the appearance of your gift awesome by using this font style. Everyone will love it for sure. And when it happens, don’t forget to write back to us.

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