Mrs‌ ‌Eaves‌ ‌Font‌ ‌

Today we are going to represent you with a fantastic font just like its name, Mrs Eaves font. It is a transitional serif typeface. It is designed by Zuzana Licko in 1996 and was released by Emigre. This font contains all upper and lower case letters with a special and unique style. It is very popular in the print world, but unfortunately, it is not commonly used on the web. This font is also a Microsoft Word font. Moreover, it is also included in Adobe.

If we talk about its history, then the original designer of this font was John Baskerville. He created Mrs Eaves font in 1957in Birmingham, England. Moreover, he named this font after his wife, Sarah Eaves. Later, Zuzana Licko redesigned this font in 1996 with a new face. Lastly, Emigre released this font, and it got immediate success after its release.

If a little information is added about its design, each character of this font has a very stylish look. This font contains thin and thick strokes. This font is available in two weights, Bold and normal. Later, Licko gave this font the look of petite caps, each with matching italics. Additionally, the font got the best context position for usage.

Benefits of Mrs‌ ‌Eaves‌ ‌font‌: ‌

  • Mrs Eaves font is commonly used in designing. It is a good font for designing from various angles. For example, its look and design are perfect for this purpose.
  • The font is also used for writing. Many people use this font for an attractive outlook for their text. 
  • You can also use this font in the logo-making. It would be a perfect match for that.

How to Download Mrs‌ ‌Eaves‌ ‌font‌? ‌

You can download Mrs Eaves font by clicking one of the following links.


Which is the closest font to Mrs Eaves font?

The closest font to Mrs Eaves font is Bentham font. This font is also popular in the designing world.

Is it safe to download?

Yes, the font is totally safe and free to download. You can get this font by clicking one of the links mentioned above.

Can we use this font on online platforms?

Yes, you can use this font on online platforms but with the paid version only. The free version is only for personal use.

Mrs Eaves font is an upgraded font that can be used for any purpose. The font has a good design and is very famous throughout the world. If you want a font for your daily works, we would highly recommend this font. It is easy and free to download. Go and download this font, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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