Cochin Font


Cochin font is a very old-style serif typeface. Georges Peignot designed it in 1912. However, Cochin font is now published by Linotype and Adobe. The font contains all upper and lower case letters with some special characters. This font is now very popular throughout the world and is used for multiple purposes. You can also … Read more

Didot Font

Didot Font

Didot font belongs to a neoclassical serif typeface. It was designed by Firmin Didot and released in 1799 in Paris. It can be classified as Modern, Neoclassical, or Didone typeface font. Firmin Didot is a french type cutter who also designed a new Greek typeface. He cuts the letters and casts them as a typeface. … Read more

Sonic Font

Sonic Font

The sonic font is a phenomenal typeface that is not only good for colossal headings but also for physique text. The sonic font looks excellent in brochure layouts, book composing, logo designing, book covers, banner designs and much more. So, you can use this fantastic font typeface for any of your requirements.  Sonic fonts have … Read more

Knock Out Font


Knock out font belongs to the geometric San- Serif family typeface. Tobias Frerece and Jonathan Hoefler designed it in 1984 and released it in 2000. Knock out font has 9 different widths. These widths are different from each other. Knock out font has 33 styles. These styles are very effective in every field of life. … Read more

Tahoma Font


Today, we will talk about a very popular regular font, the Tahoma font. It is a sans serif typeface. This famous font is designed and created by Mathew Carter with the aid of a monotype expert, Tom Rickner. This font comes up with all upper and lower case letters along with some special characters also. … Read more

Swiss 721 BT Font


We are excited to represent you with a fascinating font, the Swiss 721 BT font. It comes in the sans serif typeface category. Basically, it is a combination of two fonts. It was designed and created by Max Meidinger. Having all upper and lower case letters, this font possesses some special characters and features. Lastly, … Read more

Brandon Text Font


This font is a companion of Brandon Grotesque font. Hannes von Doehran designed it in 2012. It has a better x-peak than the Grotesque version of Brandon font. It is best for lengthy text, small size text, and monitors. This sans serif typeface has six weights plus matching italics. It was prompted through the geometric … Read more

Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold Font


Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold font is a True Type font with a sans serif typeface. Ong Chong Wah created this font in 1988. This font has high readability and visibility with 243 glyphs. As it is a True Type font with 2048 units, it helps to protect the font’s design even on low resolution … Read more

American Typewriter Font

American Typewriter font

The American Typewriter font is a slab-serif typeface that was created by Joel Kaden and Tony Stan in 1974 for a global typeface company. The slab serif is a bold typeface with large strokes, making the outlook of the font quite visible. This font is a daily use font that can be used for documents … Read more

Miami Vice Font

Miami Vice Font

Miami Vice font is a fancy type font that was designed by Morris Fuller Benton. It is a stylish and cursive font that is eye-catching for many graphic designers in the industry. It has a calligraphic style and looks, which makes it very prominent and different from the rest of the fonts. This font has … Read more