Papyrus Fonts Free

Papyrus is one of those typefaces which are not commonly used nowadays. An illustrator and graphic designer, ”Chris Costell” designed this font when he was fresh out of his college. This font influences unusual written roman, which includes irregular curves and patterns.

Chris Costello practiced this font through a pen and textured paper for six months. Papyrus is one of those basic fonts which were installed in windows since the 90s and Mac OS and known to many computer users. 

The hated fonts often fall into two categories; overused/ misused or poorly designed; sadly, papyrus falls into both classes. That is why it is not much likely for users now. The reason behind it is that some non-professional designers of that time have overused it, that it losses its bizarre. According to people, papyrus is the king of bad fonts. That is why they criticize its appearance in the movie title “Avatar”.

Benefits of Papyrus Fonts Free:

  • Initially, papyrus was designed as the body font for the blocks but has been used in various forms. It conveys the best block in the way of a body and still helps us analyze how beautifully it carries out the visual weight.
  • By even texture, it does not mean the surface of letters in papyrus font. Here taste comes out to the whole over block text presented in papyrus font. It stands out well in many ways; it has a harmony between letters, stands out with balanced visual weight, and have kerning abilities due to the unusual curves and ends of the letters.
  • Consistency in letterforms is the fundamental of font typography. Papyrus may lack somewhere in other fundamentals but, its unity among letters is impressive. Every letter is consistent with others; the way their angle and nib of the letter is drawn carries consistency beautifully. 

How to Download Papyrus Fonts Free:

You can download the Papyrus fonts for free from the links below: 


These are some of the links you can download papyrus fonts for your windows and macOS.


Should a professional designer use the papyrus font?

Many of the times, it’s a big No from professionals. Just the reason is that papyrus was an old-style font that can make designs look more ancient. But according to some people, if you want to give your design a Biblical look, you can use papyrus for your font choice.

When was the Papyrus font introduced?

It was introduced in 1982 by Letraset foundry.

Papyrus is an old script font that has got its bad reputation due to its misuse; it was designed for body text, but people have used it in various forms, which makes it losses its glory.

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