Plantagenet Font

This article is about a very popular and complex font, just like its name. Introducing Plantagenet font that is one of the most popular Truetype fonts. It was designed and created by Ross Mills in 2000. Plantagenet font is commonly known as the Plantagenet Cherokee font. It is because it includes Cherokee characters. It contains all upper and lower case letters and some special characters also.

If we talk about its design, then it is distinct from all. Each letter is simple and unique. The straight forward design of the letters makes it suitable for oversized typography. The uppercase designs are lovely and attractive for display, while the lower case letters are crunched in look. This type of design is very unique nowadays.

Moreover, this type of design makes your document attractive with a sense of calm and quietness. Having all these special features, this font also yields some benefits too. Let’s get through them.

Benefits of Plantagenet font:

  • Approximately every designer is mad at these types of designs of the font. So, if you use this font in your projects, it will make you feel like a professional.
  • This font is also the best font for writing. You can write articles and many other texts by this font. With this, your document will look attractive and will act as an eye-catcher.
  • This unique font is also not bad for any ecological design theme. You can use it for this purpose without any issue.
  • This font is very easy to download. Moreover, it is also free for personal use too.

How to Download Plantagenet font?

You can download Plantagenet font from the following links.


Which is the closest font to Plantagenet font?

The closest font to Plantagenet font is Baskervald font. Most of the letters are similar in both fonts. However, some dissimilarities also exist.

Is it suitable for text-based images?

Yes, it is perfectly suitable for text-based images. However, it is commonly noticeable for this purpose in different places.

Can we use it for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use it commercially. For this purpose, you will need to buy a license. It is the paid version of this font. 

Plantagenet font is a very popular and useful font. It is used in different places for different purposes. Its design is very unique and attractive. So, if you have not experienced such a font, we would like you to use this font in your projects. We assure you that you will love it and make sure to share your experience with us.

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