Serpentine Font

Introducing another display font serpentine font, which is readily available. The serpentine typeface is a sans-serif display face. Dick Jensen designed it in 1972. Dick Jensen designed it for Visual Graphics Corporation. The serpentine font includes a total of 17 typefaces. It is published by Adobe.

The serpentine font has fantastic features, including heavy strokes, squared bowls with rounded corners, etc. The Serpentine font is a square-shaped design with more contrast between thick and thin strokes. The Serpentine font is available in six different font styles. These six different font styles include light, light oblique, medium, medium oblique, bold, and bold oblique.

Benefits of Serpentine font:

We can get many benefits by using this amazing font. Some of the uses and benefits are as follow:

  • You can make a small text to excessive headlines with this font.
  • People use this font mainly for display settings.
  • You can use the serpentine font in logos, movies, posters, album covers including Heros for hire, diamond princess, etc.

We can use this amazing font and get a lot more benefits too.

How to Download Serpentine font?

Serpentine is a popular choice for a variety of display applications. We can download this font easily just by clicking on this link. You can also download this font using this link. Download it now and enjoy this fantastic font.


When did the first debut of Serpentine font held?

The first debut of this font was held on Jan 1, 2000.

Name the fonts similar to the Serpentine font.

Font similar to serpentine font are Sarpanch-800 (which is 70%) similar, and Russo one-regular (which is 69%) similar to the serpentine font.

In how many weights originally, the serpentine font released?

Formerly, the Serpentine font was available in 3 weights, i.e., light, medium, and bold.

Which weights are more versatile?

The Serpentine font’s medium and bold weight is more versatile than lightweight.

The serpentine font has 232 specific shapes, designs, and specific characteristics. Try it once, and you will love it for the rest of your life.

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