Sonic Font

The sonic font is a phenomenal typeface that is not only good for colossal headings but also for physique text. The sonic font looks excellent in brochure layouts, book composing, logo designing, book covers, banner designs and much more. So, you can use this fantastic font typeface for any of your requirements. 

Sonic fonts have 218 characters and 68 distinctive glyphs. The Chunk typeface’ slab serif interface resembles much to the American Western headlines of woodcuts, newspapers and broadsides.

For European languages, a most suitable typeface is Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sega site. This typeface features a wide image set that is perfect to use for various texts.

Sega Sonic font is an ideal option for developing a game. The individual set of sega Sonic font has all the numbers and capital alphabets.

How to Download Sonic Font?

You can download the Sonic font from the links given below.


If you are planning to develop a game and looking for a suitable font, we recommend Sonic font to you. It perfectly serves the purpose. And while you do it, recommend it to your friends and don’t forget to write back to us about your experience.

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