Swiss 721 BT Font

We are excited to represent you with a fascinating font, the Swiss 721 BT font. It comes in the sans serif typeface category. Basically, it is a combination of two fonts. It was designed and created by Max Meidinger. Having all upper and lower case letters, this font possesses some special characters and features. Lastly, this font is one of the tough typefaces to design. 

If we add little information about its design, then its design is noticeable. Some irregularities and inconsistencies are included in its display. This font comes up with many versions and various designs. More precisely, Swiss 721 BT font is a beautifully made and sarcastically flattering font to be used. Besides all these things, this font also benefits you in various ways. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Swiss 721 BT font:

  • The irregular and inconsistent design make it unique and different to be used in various designs. This font is commonly used for designing. So, you should also use it in your designs for a better look.
  • The unique design of this font also makes it suitable for writing. This font is commonly used for titling and headings. You would have noticed that many titles of books are written in this font. So, you can use this font too.
  • This font takes the essence of mid 20th century sans serif typefaces. So, if you use this font in your documents, then it will give you a modern look also.

How to Download Swiss 721 BT font?

This popular font can be downloaded by clicking one of the following links.


Which is the closest font to the Swiss 721 BT font?

Many fonts are similar to this font, but the most similar font is Mytupi font. 

Is it a web font?

Yes, Swiss 721 BT font is a web font. It is the 165th most used font on the web. 

Can we use Swiss 721 BT font commercially?

Yes, you can use this font for commercial uses. For this, you will have to buy a license to make it legal as only personal use is free while commercial use is paid.

All in all, the Swiss 721 BT font is a very famous font that is used for multiple purposes. It is specially used for designing purposes. So, if you are a designer or a writer, you should try this amazing font. Moreover, feel free to share it with others and let us know about your precious views and experience with this font.

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