Trade Gothic Bold Font

Today, we are going to talk about a very useful font, introducing Trade Gothic Bold font that is a sans serif typeface. It is designed and created by Jackson Burke in 1948. Containing all upper and lower case letters, this font comes up with three weights bold, light, and regular. This font is mainly used for personal uses; however, it is often used for designing as well as writing. 

If we talk about its design, then it is is more irregular than many other sans serif typefaces that were released later. This type of design has much demand in the designing industry. This design is considered to create a more characterful effect. Moreover, some unique features are also included in this font. 

Lastly, the font got popular immediately after its release. It has been a popular font for years and is used for many purposes. It also has some benefits that make it more useful. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Trade Gothic Bold font:

  • The style of this font is best for designing. Using this font in your designs will give you a creative and attractive look. Moreover, it will also provide a professional look to your work by its unique features.
  • Trade gothic bold font is also perfectly suitable for writing. This font is mainly used for headings and topics. However, it has been used in many books for titling and headings. Furthermore, this font is also frequently seen in magazines and newspapers, mainly in headings.
  • The most important benefit is that it is easy to download. Moreover, this font is very small in size and lighter on the page. You can get it for free for personal use only. Despite having a small size and lightness, this font is effective in every document.

How to Download Trade Gothic Bold font?

You can get the Trade Gothic Bold font by clicking one of the following links.


Can we use this font for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can definitely use it for commercial purposes. But there is a condition that you will have to buy a license to do so. Otherwise, it will be illegal.

Is it suitable for text-based images?

Yes, this font is perfectly suitable for text-based images. Its stylish design is the best material for these types of documents. You should try it.

Is Trade Gothic a web font?

Yes, it is a web font. It can be seen on various websites. However, it is also used for web-designing. Additionally, it is a commercial use of this font, so you should buy a license before using it on the web.

Trade Gothic Bold is a member of the Trade Gothic family that is commonly used for multiple purposes. It is popularly known for its special design that is irregular. So, if you are a designer or a writer, we would recommend this font for your personal work. You should also try it and let us know about your experience.

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