Trolls Font

We are very pleased to represent you with a brand new and fantastic display font, the Trolls font. This font has come from the famous animated movie “The Trolls”. It is a famous typeface that can be used anywhere, especially for designing. It has all upper case, lower case letters, as well as special characters. Moreover, some amazing features in it make it likely to be used in every document. However, this font is available for personal use.

If we talk about the history of this font, then this font was used in the famous American animated comedy film created by Thomas Jam, The Trolls in 2016. The title of the movie was written in Trolls font. The font got popular right after its release and is now presently used everywhere.

Now, if we add little about its design, then the font has a squarish design. The letters are similar to Cyrillic letters. Every letter is different from the other. These all letters collectively look amazing.

The font is not good only in design, but there are some benefits of using Trolls font. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Trolls Font:

  • The most beneficial thing about this font is that it is perfectly suitable for designing. Every designer is mad at this font due to its unique design. Moreover, it will enhance the beauty of your design.
  • The font is commonly used for making posters, banners, and logos. It is highly recommended for these purposes. It will give your document a professional look. You should try it.
  • Using trolls font in text-based images is a good idea. The design of this font is perfect for these documents. Many people are using it for this type of work.
  • The feature present in it will make your document attractive and eye-catching.

 How to Download Trolls Font?

You can get Trolls font from the following links.


Is this font suitable for writing?

Yes, this font is suitable for writing. Especially for headings and titles, it is the best font that we suggest. 

Is this font free for personal uses?

Yes, the font is free for personal or non-commercial uses. However, for commercial use, you have to buy a license.

What if we can’t download it?

If you are having an issue in downloading this font, you can use the text generator. With this, you can generate words without downloading it.

Trolls font is a very beautiful and stylish font that can be used anywhere for any purpose. Every designer and writer loves this font. If you are a designer or writer, we recommend this font for you. If you like it, let us know by sharing your experience with us.

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